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Portland Wrestling DVDs For Sale

KPTV approached promoter, Don Owen, about archiving each Saturday night taping of Portland Wrestling for a total cost of $25 per show. Don declined, believing it to be too much of a cost and money that was better off invested elsewhere. Too bad for the fans! Because of that decision made long ago, episodes of Portland Wrestling are hard to come by. It's not as simple as running down to your local video store and grabbing a few copies of various the shows as you would other pro wrestling DVDs. No one holds the rights to Portland Wrestling programs.

Tony, just wanted to let you know I have watched all 5 DVD's now, very good stuff!

The only copies you are apt to come across are ones personally video taped by fans on their home VHS. Some of those tapes have survived well through the years, while most have not. You can find them sold on eBay and from other sources. Be cautious when making any purchase, though. I've bought quite a few through sellers and have come to find the quality from fair to downright unwatchable.


The Portland Wrestling shows here are among the best quality I've seen. My tapes held up extremely well as a result of the care invested in them. Once they were transferred to DVD format, they were pure gold to me! I'm passing along the pleasure of owning these hard-to-find episodes of Portland Wrestling.


Excellent quality DVD of hard to find, vintage Portland Wrestling! A 5 star eBayer!

DVD #1: Piper Returns! DVD #2: A Stretcher Match!
DVD #3: The Return of Demotion Crush! DVD #4: Roddy Piper Bids Farewell
DVD #5: The Final Show

$14.97 Each
Purchase All 5 Portland Wrestling DVD's! Only $69.85!


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All orders should arrive in 2-7 business days

As Lonnie Mayne would say, "There's Excitement In The Air!"



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